You and your covered dependents can use the MAP if you are eligible for Lineco benefits.

The Lineco Member Assistance Program (MAP) is administered by ValueOptions, a professional mental health care counseling and management organization. ValueOptions has thousands of experienced, professional counselors to help you with any kind of personal problem.

Free Counseling Services

To access the Lineco MAP, call ValueOptions at 1-800-332-2191. You can access the MAP 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

You can receive up to 6 free face-to-face visits per problem with a MAP counselor.

You can receive MAP counseling services at no cost to you for up to six (6) face-to-face office visits per problem. There are no deductibles, co-payments or claim forms involved. You must call the MAP in order to get your 6 free visits. Your call, your meeting and any discussions you have will be kept completely confidential.

MAP counselors include a wide variety of licensed professional mental health practitioners. The MAP Care Manager will select the type of specialist best suited to your particular circumstance. If there are no MAP counselors in your geographic area who can assist you, the MAP will refer you to a counselor who is not affiliated with the MAP. In that case, your first 6 office visits will be treated the same as if your visits were with a MAP counselor. Any other covered care you receive for that counselor will be paid under the Out-of-Network Schedule of Benefits.

Help is available for a wide variety of problems. The MAP can help you and your family with personal, emotional, work and family matters, including marital or family problems, childcare and elder-care, alcohol and/or substance abuse, emotional problems, depression, anxiety and stress, job dissatisfaction, family illness, and financial or legal concerns.

Legal and Financial Services

The MAP also provides access to a national network of independent attorneys who have experience in a variety of legal areas. You can receive legal advice about bankruptcy, estate planning, taxes, family law, consumer and financial matters, and certain criminal offenses, including driving under the influence (DUI/DWI).

For financial concerns, the MAP also provides telephone information and advisory services provided by a team of experts who include Certified Financial Planners, Certified Public Accountants and insurance specialists.

If legal representation is needed, the MAP will provide a referral to a local MAP-affiliated attorney who provides an initial half-hour face-to-face consultation at no charge. The MAP-affiliated attorney will provide additional legal services at a 25% reduction of his usual fees. You are responsible for any fees after the initial half- hour consultation. While MAP-affiliated attorneys and financial experts can assist you with many issues, certain restrictions apply. For example, you can NOT receive advice about: (a) employee-employer disputes; (b) business law; (c) how another attorney is handling a situation; (d) someone else's legal problem; or (e) specific investments.

Any services you receive from the MAP are completely confidential.