BlueCross BlueShield PPO Network

The BlueCross BlueShield PPO Network is a network of hospitals and physicians throughout the United States that participate in their local Blue Cross BlueShield PPO networks. BlueCross BlueShield PPO providers will provide medical care to LINECO participants at negotiated rates. When you use BlueCross BlueShield PPO hospitals and doctors for your medical care, you save money twice. First, because the rates charged by PPO providers are usually lower, and second, because the Plan will pay a higher percentage of your covered expenses. Please note that BlueCross BlueShield providers are LINECO'S preferred providers, but you are not required to use them—the choice of a hospital and a doctor is solely yours to make.

Show your BlueCross BlueShield I.D. card whenever you receive medical treatment, even if the treatment is provided by a non-network provider.

To find BlueCross BlueShield PPO providers, go to and follow the links, or call 1-800-810-BLUE (2583).