Saving Tips

  1. Use the Prescription Drug Program wisely.
    • Ask for generics.
    • Use the mail-order pharmacy.
  2. Use Blue Card PPO hospitals and doctors.
    • PPO negotiated fees are usually lower.
    • Lower out-of-pockets expenses.
  3. Remember the special rules and programs for mental health claims.
    • All mental/substance treatment (each visit) MUST be precertified by the MAP.
    • All treatment requirements must be completed in full.
    • 6 free visits with a MAP counselor.
  4. Use dentists in the Dental Network of America (DNoA).
    • Fees are usually lower.
    • Lower out-of-pocket expenses.
  5. Precertify all inpatient medical or surgical hospital admissions.
    • Reduces excessive expenses.
    • $250 noncompliance deductible applies.
  6. Complete the Prenatal Care Program.
    • $250 gift card if you complete program.
    • Prevent complications of pregnancy.
  7. Respond promptly to all requests from the Fund Office.
    • Lack of information can cause delay or denial.
    • Always send primary plan's benefit explanation.
    • Call the Fund Office if you have any question about what is needed. Don't wait!
  8. Know what is covered and what is not.
    • File work-related claims through your employer - Lineco doesn't cover these claims.
    • Only medically necessary services and supplies are covered.
    • Read the list of exclusions and limitations in your booklet.
  9. Know whether or not you are eligible before incurring expenses.
    • Do you have enough hours?
    • Enroll your dependents.
    • If you divorce, remarry, or have a child, you must inform the Lineco Fund Office.
    • Register with the IBEW's Electronic Reciprocal Transfer System (ERTS) if you work outside of Lineco's jurisdiction.
  10. Let Lineco know when you move.
    • Don't miss important announcements.
    • You can use the change form on the Lineco's web site (
  11. Use providers in the Amplifon Hearing Health Care network-Hearing Aid Discount Program.
    • Lower contracted rates.
    • Lower out-of-pocket expenses.
  12. Use providers in the VSP-Vision Service Plan network.
    • Vision Exam allowance every calendar year.
    • Lens allowance every calendar year.
    • Frame allowance every 2 calendar years.
    • Lower contracted rates.
    • Lower out–of–pocket expenses.