Benefit Summary: Weekly Income

Weekly Income Benefits are designed to help replace lost wages when you are totally disabled and unable to work. This benefit is available to eligible employees only. No utility employees, retirees, dependents, or participants on continuation coverage are eligible.

Your disability must begin within 15 days after the last day you worked for a contributing employer. You must also be covered under the Plan on the date your disability begins.

$400 per work week, pro-ratable for partial weeks, up to a maximum of 26 weeks for any one continuous period of disability. Note that Weekly Income Benefits are payable for non-occupational injuries and sicknesses only.

Benefits begin with the first day of disability resulting from an injury. For disabilities due to sickness, benefits begin on the eighth day of disability if not hospitalized as an inpatient, or on the first day of an inpatient hospital stay. A disability will not be considered to have started until the first day that you are actually examined or treated by a doctor.

Benefits End

Benefits end after the maximum period of 26 weeks has been paid or as soon as the participant is no longer disabled.

A new (repeat) period of benefits can occur after the participant becomes disabled again but has been back to work.

  • After two weeks back to full-time active work for a disability resulting from the same cause as the previous period.
  • After one day back to work for a disability resulting from a different cause.

This benefit is subject to both Social Security tax (FICA) and income tax.

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