LINECO is serious about protecting patient information from those unauthorized to access and view that information. The news has been filled with reports of hackers attempting to gain access to information that should not be available to them. For that reason, LINECO will be adding Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) to the security suite we use to protect your personal information.

What this means to you: MFA most often consists of “something you know”, such as a user name and password, as well as “something you have”, such as an email account or a phone number. In January, while logging into your LINECO.ORG website account with your username and password, you will additionally be sent a code to the email address you used when registering for the account. You will need to enter that code during the login process to gain access to your information. Once that code is entered, you will be able to use your account as usual. After this initial MFA roll-out is complete, we will be adding the ability for you to have the code sent to your phone or to continue to have it sent to your registered email address.

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Email Address: Your user name is the email address that you used to register to access this website.

Password: Your initial password is the one emailed to you after registration. You will be prompted to change this to a password of your preference after you log in for the first time.

Two-Factor Authentication: Starting January 2022, this website will use two-factor authentication to protect your data. You will be prompted to enter a verification code, sent to the email address you registered with, to login.

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This secure login page was reached using SSL technology. This means that all communications are encrypted in each direction so that your personal information remains protected. It is your responsibility to keep your user name and password safe. For the full privacy policy of the Fund Office, please click here.