The Health Reimbursement Account (HRA or LINECO HRA) program is a spending plan that covers healthcare expenses not payable by LINECO. It also can be used to make short-hour, COBRA, and retiree self-payments for continued coverage.

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  • HRA Account

    The HRA account is funded solely by employer contributions, but not all employers contribute. Your account balance can be spent on a range or health care expenses at your discretion. The amount accumulated rolls over year to year until and unless your account becomes inactive.

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  • Qualified Expenses

    Qualified expenses are costs incurred for medical care as defined by the IRS and not reimbursed by health insurance. This includes deductibles, copays, dental or vision care, and prescription costs including over-the-counter medications if prescribed by your provider. Also, Medicare part A, B, or D and Medigap Premium can be reimbursed from your account.

    You can download the LINECO HRA app and use the barcode scanner to see what items at your local pharmacy are qualified HRA expenses.

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  • How to Use Your HRA

    Prepaid Benefits Card ("LINECO HRA Card") — LINECO will provide you with two prepaid debit cards, called "LINECO HRA Cards," that can be used to access your LINECO HRA funds at retail or provider point of sale locations.

    To make short-hours, retiree, or COBRA self- payments to LINECO call LINECO at 1-800-323-7268.

    For payment of health care balance billings from a provider after the LINECO Plan has paid, you can write your LINECO HRA Card account number on the statement just like you would if you were paying with a credit or debit card. Note: it is very important to only use your LINECO HRA after your regular LINECO benefits have been exhausted.

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